Sunday, 14 November 2010


CAT PEOPLE, 1942, Dir. Jacques Tourneur,

First thought comes to me when beginning to watch this movie, “is it because of this movie people often call women, “cats”? “ (then I thought “what about chicks then?” but that’s irrelevant here). It makes me excited to watch the movie, because I always believe that the way our world today is thanks to all those classic movies which greatly affects the later generations. But I was quite disappointed. The movie doesn’t have any affecting moment which would last long for generations of movies, all I could see is the implied sexuality between men-woman and animal instinct.

The story is about a beautiful Serbian artist who believes she inherits a curse of her village that she would turn into a panther the moment she arouses emotionally. Then she meets Oliver, a man she loves and then they get married. After being told about the curse by a mysterious woman claimed to be her sister, Irena then refuses to get intimate with her husband. Oliver then takes Irena to a psychiatrist to cure her of the fear- but the psychiatrist seems fond of the lady panther-to-be. Things begin to get worse when Irena gets jealous with Oliver’s co-worker Alice and then begin to stalk her- as a panther. Alice then contacts the psychiatrist to be careful about Irena, but he just makes the worst happens: he kisses Irena. The lady then turns into a panther and kill the psychiatrist. She then goes to the zoo to commit suicide by letting another panther kills her.

I don’t have any strong feelings about this movie really, and I felt disappointed about the transformation of Irena into the Jaguar (as I was waiting for it). The movie was around sexual emotions of men and women, which is the ‘basic instinct’, and when unable to fulfil the need leads to disorder.

My review about this movie is crap.

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