Monday, 18 October 2010

Big Eared Bat transformation

10%: Begin to change, muscles tense up
 30%: Bone structures change substantially, at some parts ripping through fleshes.
 70%: Flesh shattered due to the rapid changing of bone structures, Spine lengthened ,ripped through flesh and shows out
 Face changes into that of a bat, human jaw structure is excess to bat so it was ripped out. Eye sockets widened and getting out of the far sides of the skull, whereas ears extended size swiftly. Nose gets bigger to resemble that of the big-eared bat. Hair coming out and dropping off due to fast-changing.
 The transformation process slowed down and stopped, I have become a big-eard bat-winged human.
 First image when idea comes out, really influenced by the Fly-remake
...I actually want to make myself into 'this' though:

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hand & Feet & Face studies !

 Hand studies
 I was surprised. I thought it would turn out to be a dino's hand :))

 Feet studies: the tone of the light sure is hard. Will practice more about that.

Face studies:
Oh, who is this man :(

Life Drawing

This is the third time I have done life drawings. Really nice experience, I honestly did not think I could draw like this. Not that good, but I thought for the worst :)).

 My favorite :)

Fourth time life drawing!

 Only straight lines?