Sunday, 14 November 2010


A COMPANY OF WOLVES, 1984, Dir. Neil Jordan

I have to say right away at the beginning of my review is that I was astounded the way the man transformed into the wolf!

The story based on the Red-riding hood- but way different from the original children fairy tale. I think it is fantastic the way a fairy tale could turn perfectly into a horror movie. “A company of wolves” is about a village deep in the wood inhabited by wolves, and were wolves- which described in the movie- as grandmother tells tales to her grand-daughter: there are wolves that “hairy on the outside” and wolves that “hairy on the inside” which implied were wolves in human form. The movie has a mysterious atmosphere that fascinated the watchers, and the tales about the wolves and the wood always intriguing and uncomprehend (too mysterious to comprehend for me though).

I especially like the transformation scenes, when the lost-husband transforms parts by parts to a hairy wolf, the change of the human anatomy to that of the beast is extremely realistic and logistic. However, I was not quite impressed about the story. The teenage grand-daughter is just too sexually inviting the opposite sex (including the were-wolves) and always wanders about the wood after hearing all the “precaution” tales. She greets strange man with such carelessness and totally sexually aroused. Perhaps the scenes when she sees her parents make out at night somewhat affects her. Yet taking a liking with a handsome but furry were-wolf that claws off her grandmother head is not making much sense to me.

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