Sunday, 14 November 2010


THE ELEPHANT MAN, 1980, Dir. David Lynch

The movie is a touching story about the life of a heavily deformed man from being “considered animal” in a freak show to his thrives to become a normal man accepted by people and the 1980s London’s society itself.

 John Merrick, the elephant man, discovered from a Victorian freak show festival by Doctor Frederick Treves, is not considered human by people and is treated as an animal for amusement purpose. Despite his appearance, he is a normal man with a sensitive soul. With the help of Treves, John is brought away from the freak show and proven to public that he is a man like anyone else, with the right to live as one.

"I am not an animal.... I... am... a... MAN!"

Saying that when cornered by the crowd thinking that he is an animal in human clothes, it makes people think of the harsh world we live in where people judge others by the cover- not the inside. The victim and the doctor have to stand up to the society which keeps denying his rights to be human. Here is when I thought if everyone looks like an elephant; a normal person would be an animal. It all comes down to people’s prejudgment by their eyes and what they believe. The story is moved because the man behind the deformed appearance proves himself to be an intelligent and sensitive man- he is more human than those out there that don’t accept him.

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