Sunday, 14 November 2010


THE FLY 1958, Dir. Kurt Neumann
This was the first time I was shown a classic movie and got to watch to the credit. Surprisingly, it was a pleasant experience. I am a movie lunatic, ever since I have pocket money I have been to the cinema. Watching The Fly original makes me see that all of the present greatest movies become that epic thanks to the early generations.

With that said, here comes my reviews of The Fly. The movie is about the genius scientist who wants to help the humanity overcomes distant difficulties by inventing a teleporting machine. Everything is fine from transporting objects from a dish to cool champagne bottle. Until the scientist himself gets in the port, he is brought disaster by a fly which somehow gets its way in the port. Voila, oh I mean, he merges with the fly and becomes a monster. While his mind being slowly eaten away by the insect’s instinct (I suppose?), he tries to save himself with the help of his wife, to catch the white-head-fly, which escapes after merging with the scientist, then he can teleport himself with the fly again, in hope of recovering. Later on, in my own opinion, it is a bit ironic when everyone trying to catch a fly in such tense atmosphere and with anxious faces. Well, all well ends well, in this case, the beginning is already reveals that she kills her husband, so we kind of predict everything before we see the scientist smashes himself under the pressure machine. However, the ending is really amazing, when we see the small version of the scientist- which is the white fly- screaming for help while trapping in a spider web (with a drooling spider approaching him, yes). This scene is quite affecting to me, but I thought for myself, why would he know how to yell help but couldn’t find his way back to his big version (because this one can’t yell help?) and stupid enough to get into a spider web? Well, I guess explaining logic for movie sequences is stupid.

What I see in The Fly 1958 is that it is one of the roots of all the great movies nowadays. From the beginning to the end, from the tense atmosphere, to the horrified surprises come from the movie that that Director Neumann succeeds in making the watchers feel, we can clearly see that most modern horror movies are highly praised thanks to theirs innovation from these classic movies. I can’t praise The Fly if I compare it to the modern movies obviously, so I just say that; had I lived in 1950s and got to watch The Fly, I would have cried for mommy.

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